Welcome at ICT2B Solutions.

My name is Ruud and my vision and passion is ICT to be. On many occasions I find people and companies struggling with IT, where my personal experience is that IT can really help to make the difference. Not just on economical scale, but, more important, to improve working environment, make the impossible reachable and add future proof sustainability to processes.

I’m an IT Professional, working with computers as soon as they arrived: starting with the first 8088 processor during childhood and since gained extensive IT experience, often combined with sales and business development aspects, rather than pure technical delivery.

With strong technical, commercial and communication skills customers experience me as an analytical self-starter, outstanding in focusing on key issues.

In order to make the difference, I focus on risks before they become issues. Do what must be done and do it well; earn, gain and keep (customer) confidence.

My best achievements are made when asked to bridge business needs, requirements and quality criteria, translating those into engineering and technology, concepts and solutions.

Some of my hobbies became professional deliveries: Designing and building Websites, setting up and maintaining Webshops and Programming Filemaker. My passion is IT and after my last full time job as Project manager with a Loyalty Platform Services Provider – which gave me great insights in Loyalty IT and e-Money / Digital currency – now working as freelance IT Professional.

For more information about me and my projects, visit the (Dutch) site: http://www.ict2b.com.

With kind regards,

Ruud Bouman

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